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November 9, E52 Live! will present 9 major innovations from Brainport, live on stage at the VDMA on the Vestdijk. Interviews, demonstrations, interaction with the audience and a chance to take yourself home in 3D. That, along with a variety of local food and beverages, are the ingredients of E52 are Live!

Tickets for this evening are € 7.50 for sale through Eventbrite – of E52 Members have free access


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Currently, the VDMA is completely dominated by the Dutch Design Week. But after that event we are rebuilding the big hall to be ready as the place where all the great Brainport innovations will be shown.

Some examples?

The Usono team romps with the future of the ultrasound: at E52 Live! we can take a look inside the muscles of  an athlete while he works out on stage.

Lay3rs takes a 3D printer and all the necessary scanning equipment to the VDMA. One lucky person from the audience will be scanned on the spot and before the evening is over, will be able to see himself emerge in 3D.

Tingle is allowing the the audience a sneak preview of the birth of a wonderful new musical instrument. We hear about the development, but will also listen to the music itself. All live on stage, of course.

We will hear all about the ambition of Amber, that aims to take the car industry back to Eindhoven. Fully electrically powered, fully sustainable and coming with a professional transport system, so nobody will have to walk more than 5 minutes when in need of a car.

We learn all about Augmented Reality thanks to Dutch Rose Media, which not only explains why Pokemon Go is just the beginning of a beautiful future, but also shows us why that really is the case.

We meet Arion, the smart sport shoe, and we can see why – because of it – runners can start performing better.

A delegation of MAD Emergent Art Lab shows us what Eindhoven makers have been building with all sorts of sensors – and why all this can eventually enlighten (and maybe even stretch) our lives.

We get a taste of the new plans of the TU/e Solar Team, the students who already were world champion twice with their solar car Stella.

We also lay a bridge to the Dutch Technology Week (15 to May 20, 2017): we talk to the organizers about their ambition, but also listen to the dream of a mechatronics student; will he be building the innovation that will be shown during next year’s E52 Live!?

More new features and info coming soon. See you on November 9!

Tickets for this evening are € 7.50 for sale through Eventbrite – of E52 Members have free access