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A big, two-day, live event is not yet possible, but thanks to the communication tools that everyone has learned to appreciate in the past year, Holland Innovative managed to organize an appealing reliability seminar. The format: two high-level keynote speakers, followed by a discussion with the audience. It all takes place on March 25 and 26. More details here.

For those in the know, the essential themes are Reliability 2.0, Data Science, Root Cause Analysis. And combined with names like Michael Pecht and Tiedo Tinga, they totally capture the imagination. “These are, each in their own specific field, world leaders in Reliability and data science,” says Hans Meeske, founder, and director of Holland Innovative. “Their story appeals to anyone looking for improvements in the reliability of high-tech products. We are therefore very proud that we have been able to invite them for our seminar at the end of March.”

Originally, Meeske had planned a large event for last summer, but like almost all events, it had to give way because of Corona. “That big event is still going to happen though, but we have to be patient for a while.” Meeske is aiming for a moment towards the end of this year, but much will depend on the developments surrounding the vaccine. “Because that event is still some time away, it is good to have this seminar in the meantime. That still gives the Reliability world an opportunity to meet and at the same time learn something from the insights of these two experts.”

“In this way, we can hold each other – albeit virtually – and find a way to share some good news with each other again.”

Hans Meeske

Professor Michael Pecht has over 25,000 citations in scientific publications. He is trained in physics and electrical engineering and holds a PhD in electromechanics. He is the director of the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) at the University of Maryland. Pecht did reliability assignments around the world with this institute. Prof.dr.ir. Tiedo Tinga is a Professor of Life Cycle Management at the Netherlands Defence Academy in Den Helder and a Professor of Dynamics-based Maintenance at the Technical University of Twente. He has a lot of experience in reliability projects in the defense industry.

Read the interview we had with Michael Pecht here, and the interview with Tiedo Tinga here.

For the Brainport community, which is focused on the high-tech manufacturing industry, the seminar is interesting anyway, says Meeske. “But because the implementation is digital, it will certainly not be limited to that. We expect, especially given the prominent speakers, an international audience. At Holland Innovative, we are profiling ourselves with this. It is also in line with our own experience: in the past year, our customer base has become more international than ever. Our business now extends to as far as Australia. As a knowledge center for reliability, people know where to find us.”

Everyone understands that a major live event is not possible just yet, Meeske notes. “But that doesn’t mean that an alternative like this can’t be just as valuable. We offer a good theme and two great stories, we give people the chance to meet like-minded people, it gives momentum, so that’s useful no matter what. In this way, we can hold each other – albeit virtually – and find a way to share some good news with each other again.”

The keynotes will last an hour each and will be followed by an open discussion with the audience present. Pecht speaks on Thursday, March 25 at 4:00 pm, Tinga the following day at 9:00 am. Registration is possible here.