Nederland, Eindhoven, 24-5-2014. Kinderen programmeren lego tijdens de High Tech Ontdekkingsroute (hier bij ASML) van de Dutch Technology Week in de regio Eindhoven. foto: Bart van Overbeeke

A dance show by Fontys’s famous NAO robots Fontys is the official start of the Slimmer Leven Huis (“Living Smarter Home”) during the Dutch Technology Week. On Wednesday, May 25th at 12:00 ten robots will do a flashmob with the audience. After that, the “Living Smarter Home”, which will be placed on the 18 September Square, is open for everyone.

E52 makes a series of articles in preparation for the Dutch Technology Week (23-29 May). This is the fifteenth. Here the earlier parts.

The “Living Smarter Home” is an initiative of the cooperative Slimmer Leven 2020. Together with partners like Centrale24, De Meeuw and Philips, the house is designed to show patient, caregiver, healthcare professional, student or policymaker what’s possible with technology in helathcare.

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    Care @ Home caregiving

    In the house three themes are combined: live smarter, care smarter and smarter together. Specific demonstrations are linked to these topics. The [email protected] mobile house by De Meeuw can be placed in the garden of the caregiver. “If living without supervision is not wise for an elderly person, such a home can be placed on the caretaker’s property, connected to their own home”, Eline van der Plas, working for Cooperative Slimmer Leven 2020.

    The [email protected] house also contains all kinds of engineering. Such as sensors that notify when someone has fallen or a GPS connection so the caregiver knows if the elderly person leaves the house.

    Connected to the mobile home on the 18 Septemberplein is a tent with all kinds of demonstrations by, among others, Het Huis van Morgen, Centrale24, Philips, and Van Egdom Security. These innovative solutions allow you to help patients live longer at home. For example by offering a video alarm.

    Thinking along

    The last theme, smarter together, is intended to involve other citizens in the care of tomorrow. Brainport Healthy Living Lab is available to provide information from a regional panel. Van der Plas: “We want to involve people in developing products. For example, an app for elderly people with dementia will be tested by panelists who belong to this group. They help develop smart technical solutions in healthcare and by giving feedback on new products.”

    Visitors of the Slimmer Leven Huis who are interested in this research, can join the panel.

    The Living Smarter Home can be visited Wednesday, May 25th to Saturday May 28th. The house is located on the 18 September Plein. More information can be found here.

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