DAF Truck at the eRoadArlanda test track.
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In Sweden, the eRoadArlanda has been put into service. This is the first of its kind to recharge both electric commercial vehicles and passenger cars – while driving. The solution, which according to the inventors is both sustainable and cost-effective, makes it possible to elect existing public roads and contributes to a future of fossil-free road transport. The first truck to travel on this road was an electrified DAF. DAF is one of the consortium partners that has developed this path.

It is important to take new paths when it comes to climate-friendly road transport. Therefore, the Swedish Transport Agency supports innovative development projects that contribute to long-term sustainable solutions.Lena Erixon, Director General of the Swedish Transport Administration

eRoadArlanda opening


“One of the most important issues of our time is the question of how to achieve fossil-free road transport. We now have a solution that makes this possible, and that is a boost for all of us”, says Hans Säll, chairman of the eRoadArlanda consortium and director of Business Development at NCC. “Sweden is at the forefront of this technology, which we now want to introduce to other parts of the country and the world.”

Approximately two kilometers of electric railway is installed along public road 893, between the Arlanda Cargo Terminal, near Stockholm Airport, and the Rosersberg logistics business park. The electrified road works by transferring energy from a rail in the road with a movable arm to the vehicle. That is similar to a toy racing track. The arm detects the position of the rail in the road and as long as the vehicle is above the rail, the contact is in a lowered position, so it can perform its task of charging the vehicle.