eerste bijeenkomst Science Meets Business Club door Twice i.s.m. Innovation Lab, TU Eindhoven, met verhaal door prof. Maarten Steinbuch
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Entrepreneurial researchers and research-minded entrepreneurs would like more opportunity to meet each other. This need is being met by the newly formed Science Meets Business Club (SMBC). Yesterday the first meeting was held in multi-business center Catalyst. The forty interested individuals were treated to six short but compelling stories – and a drink’s party.

By Norbine Schalij, Cursor

“The way the business club works is simple,” says Woertman. “You will have an hour’s worth of inspirational input. You may not ask any questions; save them for the drinks party.” This inspiration is provided by short pitches by student team VirTUE, scientist Alonso Jesús Millán-Mejía, who is continuing his doctoral research on photonic chips at SMART Photonics, and Industrial Design student Ingmar Nieuweboer, who has constructed a suspended workstation for the TU/e Contest. The keynote speaker is Professor Maarten Steinbuch.

Established on the campus are as many as a hundred companies and more than fifty laboratories and institutes. SMBC is keen to strengthen the interaction between them and the three thousand scientists. “That doesn’t mean they all have to come to our meetings,” says Woertman, “but this is a nice start. At any rate, it offers us the chance to meet one another.” His plan is to hold the SMBC six times a year, on each occasion at a different location.

Photos by Bart van Overbeeke

Science Meets Business Club