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At the Innovation Expo last Thursday the seventh City Deal was signed: Warm Welcome for Talent. Its focus is on a good ‘landing’ of expats in the Netherlands. The municipalities of Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Groningen and The Hague will be cooperating in this City Deal to make the Netherlands more attractive for ambitious foreign entrepreneurs.

These creative entrepreneurs are important for the economy and for creating new jobs. In Eindhoven Kris de Prins, director of the Expat Center South, will be responsible for the implementation of the City Deal. He will initially analyze the Eindhoven situation and communicate the lessons learned to Minister Kamp. The aim from there is to help produce more flexible laws and regulations.

city deal expatIn addition to the four cities, also the ministries of Economic Affairs, Social Affairs, and Education are involved in this City Deal. There are a number of key partners involved in the deal, such as the Expat centers in Eindhoven and Amsterdam, Startup Amsterdam, Startup Delta, RVO, IND, VNO-NCW, ONL, Chamber of Commerce, SME Netherlands, UWV, NFIA and several outside experts, accelerators, incubators and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Warm Welcome for Talent is the seventh City Deal concluded in the framework of Agenda City.

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