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More than thirty Dutch chip companies, including heavyweights ASML and NXP, are urgently appealing to the government for annual investments of up to €150 million. They fear that the sector will migrate abroad without support, where competitive markets offer enticing financial incentives. This collective cry for help is not a threat but a “positive warning” to preserve the Netherlands’ strong position in the high-tech chip industry. The future of the Dutch chip sector is at stake.

The Dutch chip industry is among the world’s best, with companies such as ASML and NXP leading the way in developing and producing semiconductors. The call to the cabinet underlines the vital contribution of the chip sector to the Dutch economy and the need to safeguard this position.

The need for public investment

The demand is apparent: the chip sector is calling for an annual injection of €100 to 150 million, rising to a total of €2.1 billion over the next six years. This amount is intended to maintain national competitiveness and strengthen cooperation within the sector and stimulate innovation.

Paul Verhagen of ASM International emphasizes the urgency of the situation. Intense global competition and other countries’ investments in their chip industries make government assistance essential to maintain an attractive climate for chip manufacturers in the Netherlands.

International seduction and fair competition

Núria Barceló Peiró of NXP points out the importance of fair competition. She argues that some companies within the sector are earning significantly, but without commensurate government support, the playing field risks growing lopsided. Other regions were lured with financial incentives, making it attractive for Dutch companies to relocate.

Hans de Boer, chairman of the employers’ organization VNO-NCW, reinforces this picture by referring to the “hot shower” of benefits Dutch chip companies experience abroad. If the Netherlands does not remain competitive, there is a real chance of run-off growth to other countries.

The strategic position of the Netherlands

The cabinet now faces an important decision. Investing in the chip sector is not only a matter of national interest but also an investment in the future stability and prosperity of the Netherlands. It is an opportunity to secure and further expand the Netherlands’ pioneering role in the chip industry.

It is now up to politicians to respond to this “positive warning” from ChipNL. With targeted investments, the Dutch government can provide the chip sector with a solid foundation and pave the way for further growth and innovation. The choice made now will determine the course of this crucial industry for years to come.