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100 new jobs expected in 5 years time

Sitech Services, TNO, Maastricht University and Brightlands Chemelot Campus will together establish a centre for making the European process industry more sustainable. “If the process industry wants to meet the climate objectives for the future, not only a transition to other energy sources is needed, but also a complete greening of the business processes”, the partners say in an explanation.

“The creation of this centre will stimulate the development and application of technologies that will enable the European process industry to achieve its sustainability and safety objectives. All this on a commercial scale and in line with the climate challenge and energy transition.” The centre fits in closely with the ambitions of the Dutch government and the Province of Limburg.

In the chemical sector, much use is still being made of fossil raw materials and energy carriers with the associated CO2 emissions. The centre, under the provisional working name Brightlands Sustainable Technology Center (BSTC), wants to contribute to the transition of the process industry to other energy sources, with the aim of making this sector climate-neutral. “This task is substantial and requires a great deal of knowledge of sustainable processes, which are brought together and applied in the BSTC for the development and scaling up of promising technologies.”

Robert Claasen, Chemelot director, is pleased that the organisations involved have come together in BSTC. “This is at the heart of the knowledge ecosystem developed on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. Technology development is crucial for a sustainable chemical sector. With the BSTC we can further implement our plan at Chemelot to make Chemelot climate-neutral by 2050.”

Joost van den Akker (Provincial Executive for the Economy and Knowledge Infrastructure of Limburg) believes that the cooperation fits in with Limburg policy. “Once again we as Limburg show that we belong to the leading group of the Netherlands and Europe when it comes to developing high-grade, applicable technology. The establishment of the BSTC is a major step towards making Chemelot the most sustainable, safe and competitive chemical site in Europe.”

The centre will be located on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. The collaborating parties will thus become part of the ecosystem on the campus. The aim is to bring together sustainability goals with the commercial goals of the parties involved. Ultimately, this should also boost employment: after 5 years, the centre is expected to create around 100 jobs and thus also contribute to the preservation of future employment at Chemelot.