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Rural Spark is planning to scale up. From 2019 onwards, the company sold over 20,000 energy-kits in Sub-Saharan Africa. With fresh capital from BOM Brabant Ventures, YARD ENERGY Investments, and DOEN Participations, “Rural Spark is ready for the next step in rural electrification”, the company now says in a press statement. “The capital enables the company to grow, enter new markets, and further innovate its modular energy solution.”

According to the company, originating from the Dutch city of Tilburg, access to electricity is crucial to economic development for approximately 580 million people in Africa. Their Energy-kit and supporting ecosystem is supposed to service this need. The solution consists of smart battery packs connected to solar panels and a range of appliances including lamps, fans, and TVs. It is supported by Rural Spark’s service and payment platform and a financing program for local partners. “Smartly connecting multiple kits allows for powering a growing range of appliances for productive use”, says Harmen van Heist, co-founder of Rural Spark.

“Access to electricity is essential to local economic development. By smartly linking kits, we continue to increase the power and capacity of the kit. By connecting kits to each other, we create energy-networks: simple and future-proof.”

Van Heist says the new investors are not just there for the financial means that allow for growth and development. It’s also about knowledge of the market and product development. “All parties bring their own, complementary expertise. Together we function as a dream team.”

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