Flying and sailing on synthetic kerosene

Producing synthetic kerosene, also called e-fuel, will be a huge economic activity in the next decades. One day, it will be cheaper to make fuel than to pump and refine oil, Maarten Steinbuch says.

The battery as a building block

The 'massless' battery is designed to be not only a source of energy but also a solid structural material. The electrical components are cleverly incorporated into the other materials.

Straight up into the sky

The advantages of eVTOLs are short travel times because of the high speeds and the absence of traffic jams, and also low fuel costs because of the use of batteries for electric propulsion.

Power paste for motion

"Especially for those applications where battery weight is a strong limiting factor, there's a future for hydrogen powder or paste."

Electric flying is getting closer

There will be a further substantial increase in battery capacity, which will also reduce weight. The cost will decrease, and the lifetime will increase.

Smart Traffic Lights

In the Netherlands, there are now more than 700 smart traffic lights that recognize approaching cars, cyclists, and buses

Charging without a plug

"For our cycling country with more than one and a half million electric bikes, it's a nice innovation - and a possible export product"

Lidar in your pocket

"Cheap Lidar can therefore provide a breakthrough of intelligence on our roads."