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Athlon and startup P33 start a joint development of sustainable mobility as a service. P33 is working on a platform where users have the same ease and flexibility as in car ownership, but without the high cost and CO2 emissions that normally belong to it.

The thought behind P33 is that by offering electric cars in a flexible way (so without actually having to possess one), far fewer cars will be needed. That means fewer parking spaces and more green space in the urban environment.

Services instead of products
Steven Nelemans, CEO of P33, says his company brings together three trends. “Services instead of products, electric vehicles and open innovation. Based on these three trends we develop our new mobility concept.” The P33 initiative comes from students of the Technical University of Eindhoven who successfully participated in the TU/Ecomotive Challenge last year. Here the idea arose to come with mobility solutions that are flexible, much cheaper and better for the environment.

P33 is part of the HighTechXL accelerator program which was launched in early May. The startup wants to present the first phase of the mobility service on XL Day: 9 September 2016. In the first phase, the service will be available for closed user groups. P33 expects to make it a public service in 2017.

CEO Frans Janssen of Athlon expects to develop new services faster, thanks to the cooperation with P33. “By partnering with P33 we not only get a fresh look, but P33 also opens up the whole HighTechXL network to us.” This year Athlon exists 100 years. Besides car leasing, the company also offers other innovative initiatives in the field of mobility. Since 2006 Athlon belongs to DLL, a 100% subsidiary of the Rabobank Group. Besides branches in the Netherlands, Athlon has 10 international offices across the continent.

Photo: Steven Nelemans, CEO P33