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Although their businesses are not the same, ASML’s acquisition of the intellectual property assets and the highly skilled employees of the Delft, Netherlands-based high-tech company Mapper, is a logical step. Mapper was declared bankrupt just before new year.

“We have great respect for the experts at Mapper, who have shown great creativity and resourcefulness. ASML values their expertise and we look forward to welcoming them into our organization,” said ASML President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Wennink. “Even though Mapper’s E-beam application is different from ASML’s, we are confident that we can offer a satisfying new work environment at ASML where Mapper employees can continue to innovate and progress E-beam technology.”

Not everybody will remain in the R&D of E-beam, Wennink says. “Our acquisition of Mapper’s IP will support a smooth transition for them. But there will also be opportunities for Mapper employees in our next-generation chip-manufacturing programs called EUV and EUV High-NA.” Wennink said he felt an obligation to do what he could to rescue Mapper’s IP and knowledge that has been accumulated over many years. “Now it will be leveraged for further innovation in the Netherlands”.

Mapper employees were informed about the plans today. The R&D employees who will join ASML will initially remain in Delft while starting to work on ASML projects. Financial details of the asset deal are not disclosed.