A smartphone on wheels or vice-versa?

The automobile is becoming a smartphone on wheels. Bernd Maier-Leppla is convinced that former IT companies have recognized this and are increasingly venturing into the field of electric vehicles.

Charge or change your car battery?

It will probably become more and more efficient to keep recharging your own car battery, than to swap it for another one, Maarten Steinbuch writes. Smaller cars may be the exception though.

Understanding other road users

Protecting vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists is one of the most difficult problems to solve, Maarten Steinbuch writes. Can Technology help?

Climate Log: Action, action, action!

An inclusive energy transition is not a sprint or a practice run. It is not even a marathon, but an ultra-run, says Rik Thijs in his column.

The burden of SUVs

Due to a preference for massive SUVs, the traffic transition, despite the transformation to electric mobility, is failing, says Bernd Maier-Leppla.

Capture carbon to stay mobile

The energy transition in mobility is a mega-project, but it is possible. And it will soon be economically viable, Carlo van de Weijer says.

Finally driving the Apple Car

The reports about the Apple, Rivian, and Sono Motors car fit the picture that the automotive sector is going through a major transition, Maarten Steinbuch writes.