Roosendaal, 12-12-2012. Beeld uit de repetitie van "Woef side story" van het Ro Theater, regie Pieter Kramer. Foto: Leo van Velzen.

The Parktheater made in 2014 their first steps in becoming a more international orientated theatre. They go on in their steady pace by launching an English brochure for the season 2017/2018. But the change doesn’t only covers the language barrier. The theatre also comes up with about hundred performances available for internationals. This all fits in the main theme of the Parktheater, brotherhood. The URL of the English program’s website says enough: ‘’Warm welcome to internationals.’’

‘’The Parktheater is a place for all inhabitants of Eindhoven, where they should feel at home.’’– Loes Barkema, Communication and Marketing of Parktheater

The English language
The Parktheater focusses in its internationalisation on two aspects, according to Loes Barkema, working in Communication and Marketing at the Parktheater. The English language and the offer of performances itself. All communication is now available in English. Such as the flyers, ticket service, Facebook posts and texts of all performances. ‘’A database was specially made with international customers so they get an English newsletter.’’

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    Performances and events
    The program is not only adjusted for internationals, it’s also made by them. The Parktheater has set up several projects to get a more specific idea of the demand for performances. ‘’The project active internationals is very important to us. Here internationals have a chance to volunteer or join in advice groups or the program platform.’’ And at the specially organised welcome nights, meet&greets or international nights, internationals will be part of the organisation as well. According to Barkema, there are even plans to set up an international theatre group.

    ‘’The Philipszaal will be of great importance in the progress of internationalisation.’’ It is one of the few Black-Box theatre rooms in the Netherlands. Together with other European theatres with this kind of room, Barkema wants to set up an European circuit. This is one of the fragile parts of the internationalisation. ‘’We have to find the right booking agents to launch a tour. It’s very expensive to book a performance just for the Parktheater.’’

    Social value
    Barkema finds it very important to keep in touch with the fast changing society. A section of the internationals kept untouched, they didn’t find their way to the theatre, according to Barkema. ‘’Research pointed out that culture brings people together, and without it, people can feel lonely or rootless. As the Parktheater we create a space where you can find new social contacts and that’s important, especially when you come from abroad.’’

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