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Ambulancezorg Nederland (AZN, the ambulance umbrella organisation of Dutch ambulance services) is workings together with Be-Mobile to clear the roads for ambulances. Be-Mobile is building the C-ITS platform for AZN. This new platform enables smart traffic lights to give the green light, thereby clearing the road for ambulances. Other road users will also be warned in time that an ambulance is approaching so they can take this into account. The application will contribute to traffic safety.

Talking Traffic

The C-ITS platform is one of the latest developments from the Talking Traffic partnership. This partnership of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works looks at innovative traffic applications with the aim of making Dutch roads as safe as possible. In October 2020, the AZN association connected all regional ambulance services to this partnership. Be-Mobile, one of the partners of Talking Traffic, is an international provider of smart mobility services and is developing the platform. The system has recently been tested at the Automotive Campus in Helmond.

Prioritizing traffic with smart traffic lights is one of the achievements of Talking Traffic. The collaboration has already launched several apps: Flitsmeister, Onderweg and Superroute. Superroute, for example, provides information about maximum and recommended speeds, also when these are subject to temporary changes.

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    Institute for Safety

    Recent figures show that there is an accident at least once a week with an emergency vehicle that speeds through a red light. For some time now, consultations have been taking place with the Dutch Institute for Safety (IFV) on this issue. In addition to ambulances, this institute also encompasses the fire department, police and defence.

    According to the IFV, fire departments, police and the defence will also be joining Talking Traffic in the near future. The ambulance sector is the first emergency service that will collaborate with Talking Traffic with a view to improving the infrastructure on a large scale.

    Be-Mobile will implement the C-ITS program in the first quarter of 2021.

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