Radioloog Elmer Naaktgeboren met Aidoc ©Bravis Ziekenhuis
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The Bravis hospital in the south of the Netherlands is making use of smart software to detect brain haemorrhages. The software from Aidoc sends a signal when it detects an abnormality. The hospital has been testing the software over the past three months. During these months, the program has evaluated 1300 scans and has not missed a single haemorrhage.

The software

The program scans images from a CT scan and checks whether haemorrhaging is present in about five minutes. When the program finds a haemorrhage, it signals the area in which the haemorrhage was found.

A major advantage of the Aidoc software is that it saves neurologists a lot of time. When doctors receive a notification, they can immediately examine the area in question. The software was able to detect 55 haemorrhages in 1300 CT scans. The software did not miss any hemorrhaging but did give some false positives. With these notifications there appeared to be no bleeding after all.

Bravis hospital

Radiologists from the Bravis hospital have indicated that they are very pleased with the software. They even claim to have discovered hemorrhages that they would not have been able to spot without the software. The hospital is therefore continuing the research.

The program can not only detect brain haemorrhages but neck fractures as well. The hospital added this function to the research at a later stage. The hospital is not yet able to say much about this new function. The fractures are less common than brain haemorrhages, so this feature has not been used very often so far.


The Aidoc company was set up at the beginning of 2016 to support the work of doctors so that the treatment of patients can be improved and accelerated. Aidoc develops decision-making support software for the healthcare sector.

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