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Whether you expect it or not, some of the nicest bicycle innovations come from Germany. Previously we paid attention to the Grilling Bike, now we came across another striking concept: a model that can be used not only as a city bike but also as a transport bike.

No doubt about it: cycling is healthy and good for the environment. But if you have something to transport, you quickly choose the car. This polluting behaviour could quickly become a thing of the past. David Maurer, a design student in Offenbach, is currently working on a flexible solution that combines the advantages of an agile city bike with those of a practical cargo bike. His convincing concept is an everyday bike that transforms into a Cargobike in seconds and with just a simple wrist movement.

convercycle Convercycle

The trick: The rear wheel can be easily unfolded by lifting the rear carrier slightly. The result is an integrated loading basket with a volume of about two large water containers and a permissible weight of 60 kilograms, designed to accommodate groceries and child seats. Maurer also plans to add individual modifications to his bikes, such as lockable boxes and 250-watt e-bike variants – which comes close to a range of about 60 kilometres.

Test phase to market readiness

Vom Allroundbike zum CitybikeThe prototype of the Convercycle, which weighs about 18 kilograms, is currently in the test phase. Together with a bicycle frame builder from Frankfurt and an engineering company from Munich, it is currently being prepared for the market. At the same time, since January 2019, an Indiegogo campaign has been running to realize the production and distribution of the Convercycle. The Offenbach-based product designer is supported by “idea meets market“, a provider of recycling services specializing in technology transfer.

Futuristic concept

The Convercycle team hopes for a big response to the campaign. The variable bike meets the ever-increasing demand for modern and environmentally friendly transport for the city. And with an ordinary bike, transport is still cumbersome. Backpack, basket and trailer make the ride an unsafe wiggle. And if you’re not a professional courier, you certainly don’t have a real transport bike as an alternative in your garage – if only because you just can’t have everything. Moreover, such a transport model does not fit on a bike carrier and is also not suitable to take with you on the train. The innovative concept from Offenbach solves all this.

Sketch of the Convercycle The Technical details of the Convercycle ©Convercycle

Technical details

The 1.85-meter long Citybike in the unfolded version is 2.55 meters long as a cargo model. The wheel is available in two sizes with easily rolling 28 inch Schwalbe G-One tires. The other features: while the electric version needs to be equipped with a Shimano Nexus Inter, the electric version comes with a Shimano Alfine 8-speed gearbox. In addition, the Cityflitzer SM-RT64 is equipped with Shimano disc brakes. Once the prototypes have been tested, the Convercycle will undergo a TÜV test and look for traffic approval. By the way: Those who are fast and financially support the future company can still get one of the limited first versions – expected delivery date August 2019 – at cost price.

Photo above: Product designer David Maurer during a test drive ©Convercycle.