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Sometimes it’s called ‘lifelong development’, sometimes it’s ‘career learning’ – but it is now clear to everyone that no one can ignore a constant (digital) development. For Brainport Eindhoven, the region that prides itself on being at the forefront in these kinds of areas, this is the reason for a real campaign: “Together Future Proof“. The campaign is a joint initiative of more than 230 employers in the region. On the central website, visitors can test themselves and then choose from the range of digital and personal development goals that have been brought together there. During the Dutch Technology Week (20-25 May) there will also be various free activities around this theme.

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Lifelong Development stands for the continued development of one’s own qualities so one can participate actively throughout life – in private, at work and in society. “This campaign is primarily intended to seduce people to think about their future,” says programme manager Yvonne van Hest of Brainport Development. “And of course it would be great if they could take the next step, no matter how small or large.”

The online platform is there for employers as well as employees, freelancers and job seekers. The aim is to provide a broad and accessible overview of the digital and personal development offerings.


The awareness campaign is ‘supported’ by the five ambassadors Deeqa, Simone, Samer, Tomas and Terrence. These ambassadors, all from the region, have different backgrounds and share their personal stories. They tell how they have given their own twist to their development. Van Hest: “We are very proud of our ambassadors. They can be found on posters in our 21 municipalities and in the door-to-door papers.”

Talent & Skills

The ‘Together future proof’ campaign stems from the Brainport Talent & Skills Accord, which was published in 2018. In this agreement, 230 companies, government and educational organisations and social partners have committed themselves to seven joint agreements in the field of education and the labour market in Brainport. The focus is not only on high-tech professionals but “on all inhabitants of all educational and knowledge levels, from workers to job seekers, from volunteers to caregivers”.