The more patents the better, for SMEs as well

According to a study by the European Patent Office, companies that have their own intellectual property experience much faster growth in revenues and higher earnings for their employees.

Munich is the #1 city of patents

Munich is the European city of patents. No other city has filed as many patents as Munich in 2017. It brings Munich the #4 position […]

Philips Once Again Champion Of Patents

Philips is once again the biggest applier of patents in Europe. That became clear as the European Patent Office (EPO) published its annual report on […]

The enterprising student easily beats professor

To get innovations off the ground, research and new businesses are needed. Students are by far the best entrepreneurs, mainly because of their resilience, Professor Peter Rem contends.

‘Quit your job for one day a week’

A conversation with Maarten Steinbuch, Professor of Systems and Control at the Eindhoven University of Technology four days a week, and an entrepreneur one day a week.