For the third year in a row, Innovation Origins has organised the annual Expat Top-10. Over the past years, Eindhoven has welcomed thousands of internationals, many of whom have done a great job for the city. Through this top-10 we say Thank You to all of them. This year’s theme of the Top-10 is ‘Jobs and Entrepreneurship’. Every day we offer you an interview with one of the winners. In this interview, you can read about how they ended up in Eindhoven, what they are doing in and for the city, and how they get around in their new community. Today: Antonio Colin. Here’s the whole series.

“Eindhoven has lots of opportunities for expats”

In Eindhoven since: 2009
Country of origin: Mexico
Do you speak Dutch with the people in your neighbourhood? Yes, I do. Mostly with my girlfriend, friends, and at work.

What was the reason for you to move to Eindhoven?

“I wanted to pursue a master study in automotive engineering.”

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    What makes Eindhoven an attractive place to live and work in?

    “Eindhoven is a modern young city, very international, with a lot of opportunities for expats. You can find almost anything in Eindhoven. There are plenty of shops and nice places to go out for dinner or to have fun at night at many of the city pubs. Moreover, its location is also not far from the capital, and also not far not far from the neighbouring countries.”

    What should Eindhoven do to make itself a better place to live and work in, especially for expats?

    “This is a difficult question because according to me, Eindhoven is already a very friendly city for expats. Language is not a problem since everything can be arranged in English. I am afraid I don’t have an opinion here.”

    Tech companies in and around Eindhoven have a huge shortage of employees. What could they do to attract more technicians from Mexico?

    “Eindhoven is a very smart city, with high tech companies indeed. They need to promote all the advantages of living as an expat in Eindhoven. In addition, they need to facilitate all the administrative processes of an expat for getting a permit and leaving their country of origin. Moreover, programs like the 30% ruling are very attractive and they need to keep it.”

    How would you describe your role within the Eindhoven community?

    “I think I have contributed nicely in the Eindhoven community. After graduation, me and a group of expat colleagues from the company TMC started an expat community to support and help expats to adapt better to the Dutch culture. Furthermore, I am a DJ playing Saturday nights in Stratumseind. I like to play Latin music and any other kind of request. I am very happy when expats come to visit me when I am playing.”

    What is the worst and the best thing about Eindhoven?

    “The best thing about Eindhoven is the friendliness of people and job opportunities. The worst thing is the difficulty of learning the language… hehe.. just a joke :-)”

    Photo (c) Israël Nunez-Hernandez

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