Solliance at High Tech Campus Eindhoven will be the stage for an election debate on Energy Transition, the long-term change of energy-storage and production. The event will be broadcasted live on BNR News radio on the 6th of February

During the debate, candidate Members of Parliament will discuss this topic. André Bosman (VVD), Agnes Mulder (CDA) and Sandra Beckerman (SP) have announced to join the debate.

Prior to the live debate, Solliance will organise a discussion between players in energy transition. The theme of this discussion, ‘the Impact of a breakthrough of solar energy in the Netherlands’, will be discussed from different perspectives, from consumers to professionals.

The debate is hosted by the Nederlandse Vereniging Duurzame Energie and will take place at the Solliance Solar Research building at High Tech Campus 21 in Eindhoven. The live broadcast at BNR News Radio will start at 15.30.


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