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By around 2018, Eindhoven will have 100,000 solar panels on municipal roofs. In the long term, the city sees the space for a million panels on both private and government buildings, which would fulfil the entire electricity needs of all Eindhoven homes.

But this isn’t the case for the time being. At the moment, only 3 properties within the municipal organisation have solar panels: the city hall (with a total of 36 solar panels since 2007), the Christiaan Huygens College (with its energy roof producing the equivalent amount of electricity as about 100 panels), and the Fontys Sporthogeschool (with 800 solar panels).

Soon, that is, before the year’s end, the number of solar panels on municipal buildings will be greatly increased by the installation of around 1,200 panels on the ir. Ottenbad and on Mercado. The bidding for this is currently taking place.

Depending on the outcome of the bidding, another 650 solar panels may well be installed on 4 other buildings at the beginning of next year.

The total number of solar panels registered with the network operator in Eindhoven (converted to a standard panel with a 250 watt peak) has also sharply risen in recent years:

  • 2010: 375
  • 2011: 710
  • 2012: 6224
  • 2013: 17601
  • 2014: 26222


Encouraging the construction of solar panels, both for private and government buildings, aligns with Eindhoven’s goal to be energy neutral in 2045. The council has made a sun atlas, so that everyone can see whether their own roof is suitable for solar panels, as well as what the panels cost and generate. Homeowners who cannot afford to build solar panels can visit the council for a low-interest loan.

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