Eindhoven innovative savillsWell above Berlin, Brussels, and Barcelona, but not yet near London, Cambridge, Paris, and Munich: Eindhoven is seventh on the list of innovative European cities. Mainly thanks to a high score in patent applications (third in Europe, Munich is #1), real estate investor Savills has assigned Eindhoven this high position. Amsterdam, with a sixth place, is just above.

The ranking is part of Savill’s wider study of ‘dynamic cities‘. Eindhoven is at #35 on the total list. In addition to innovation, factors such as infrastructure, interconnection, investment, and inspiration are also important in the ranking. Amsterdam is fourth on the total list, Eindhoven is the second Dutch city.

London is the unapproachable number 1 on the list and on many of the sublists. The city scores maximally on almost all aspects.

An explanation of Savills’ theme of ‘innovation’:

Savills IM Dynamic Cities aims to capture the factors “that make a city attractive to talent, resilient to disruptive technology and a leader in the knowledge economy”. The index was created using statistical analysis and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) handbook on constructing composite indicators.

More than 250 factors were collected for 130 cities. These cities include all of the European capitals as well as cities with a minimum metropolitan area of 250,000 inhabitants and positive forecast population growth.

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