Mayor Van Gijzel is stepping down this year, after 8 years as mayor of Eindhoven. Obviously, a new mayor will bring his or her own ideas to the position. But which qualities do you feel a new mayor should possess, and in which areas should he or she invest their efforts?

Fill in the questionnaire…

The Municipal Council is drawing up a profile for the new mayor and would like to include the opinion of the people of Eindhoven in the final profile. What criteria should a mayor meet? Should he or she maintain the current approach, or change direction? Are there characteristics or objectives which you have found lacking? Fill in this short form to indicate what you feel is important in the drawing up of a profile.

All responses, together with the package of demands and wishes of the Municipal Council, will provide the basis for the final profile. The concept profile will be determined by the council on 23 February.

… or express your opinion at the City Hall

The municipality also organizes two evenings (in Dutch) to talk about the profile of the new mayor.

  • for citizens: 2nd of Februari at 8.15 pm at the City Hall
  • for organizations: 4th of Februari at 8.15 pm at the City Hall

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