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DELFT/EINDHOVEN, 19 November – No doubt, this what consumers all over the world are waiting for: phone sensors that measure air quality, tiny solar panels for device charging, phone batteries that might never run out, highly efficient fuel cells and batteries for cars. Delft startup VSPARTICLE is working on them through nanotechnology, manufacturing nanoparticles and nanostructured materials. The company is currently on a world tour to show its capabilities and is planning a demonstration of its nanoparticle generator at a joint workshop with Thermo Fisher Scientific in Eindhoven.

“With the push of a button, the groundbreaking machine and its technology enable the development of completely new materials”, a spokesperson of VSPARTICLE says. “For the first time, the companies will generate, deposit and visualize nanoparticles live in only a few minutes, connecting the nanoparticle generator with the latest Pharos Desktop SEM.”

VSPARTICLE’s technology works on a scale of single atoms to 20 nanometers and can create, and also print, materials with quantum properties enabling users to play with the possibilities and to invent entirely new materials or discover new applications. Examples include phone sensors that measure air quality, tiny solar panels for device charging, and highly efficient phone and car batteries.

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