During Dutch Design Week, e52 will be introducing you to the hidden gems of the festival. Together with Dutch Design Daily, we’ve selected nine special designers whose sparkle has caught our eye this year. Each day of DDW there’ll be a different hidden gem put under the spotlight. Today: Circulaire Fabriek (including the meet&greet at 17.00 today!)

Who Circulaire Fabriek Where Circulaire Fabriek, Vestdijk 133

How can we make sustainable use of the waste building materials from demolition and renovation work?” asks Woonbedrijf. The Eindhoven housing corporation was inspired to organise the Circulaire Fabriek, a DDW exhibition on recycling and sustainability.

Circulaire Fabriek shows off different design solutions for recycling materials. There’s designer Tom van Soest’s Stone Cycling, making bricks from building and demolition waste to help clear up debris. Designer Jeroen Wesselink showcases his Loco-Krukje stools made from the expansion tanks found in every house with central heating. “Nothing is added or removed. We cut off the top and mount it under the tank as a foot.” The rubber expansion ball is then exposed and serves as the seat. You can sit comfortably while maintaining the flexibility in your back, as you keep moving on the ball. The stools can be purchased during DDW for €40.00.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.08.14 PM

As well as building materials and expansion tanks, thought has also been given to furniture, and especially what happens to it in the event of death, divorce, moving house, bankruptcy or wear and tear. Joost Gehem‘s Omvormverdeelfabriek Boedelbank has spent the last few years giving old furniture new life.

Want to learn more about the recycling of old building materials? There’s a special e52 + DDD meet and greet at Vestdijk 133 from 17.00 on Saturday 24 October. No need to sign up. One of the designers will be there to give a tour of the Circulaire Fabriek. See you then!

Text by Renske Mehra

With thanks to Katja Lucas

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