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Faster diagnoses in healthcare and sensors that keep fruit fresh for longer. These are two applications for integrated photonics, an emerging lighting technique. Continued development of this technology will require a stronger connection between the technology and the market. PhotonDelta is the network that takes care of this in the Netherlands. Companies, educational institutions and end users are working together on solutions for the market.

The PhotonDelta foundation was awarded 236 million euros by a financial covenant towards the end of last year. This is how the ecosystem around integrated photonics in the Netherlands is supported so that it is able to continue to grow. The goal is to have at least 25 companies employing 4000 people by 2026. These companies will collectively generate a turnover of more than €1 billion. About four hundred employees are currently working with the technology at the moment. “It’s a big challenge,” admits Giuseppe Coppola, corporate strategist at PhotonDelta. Though he believes it is certainly possible. “Integrated photonics is a promising technology and we are still leading the world in certain areas. Integrated photonics is a technology whereby microchips work using light instead of electricity, known as ”Photonics Integrated Circuits (PICs).” These are much smaller, cheaper and more reliable than non-integrated photonics and optical components.

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