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Innovation is not something that only happens in one place. That is why we want to bring you the best news stories about innovation, written by a number of local journalists. Right now, we are doing that in Eindhoven and Munich, and we are working on establishing more locations!


Eindhoven is a city full of high tech companies built on a heritage of innovation. From the cassette tape all the way to machines that make the chips for the device you’re reading this on, it’s made here. Eindhoven specializes in high tech hardware, medical technology and photonics.


Munich is a hub for the automotive industry and medical technology. Companies such as BMW and Siemens and the Technical University of Munich, make it a city of research and innovation. In 2017, Munich even filled the most patents of any European city.

More to come!

We want to bring you the latest stories on innovation in Europe, and that is why we are expanding. We believe that we should have ‘boots on the ground’ in all the major innovation hotspots in Europe. Do you want to help us achieve that goal? Send us a message!


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