Publieksdag TUe: vip-alumni Werktuigbouwkunde, kindercollege prof Maarten Steinbuch - Foto: Bart van Overbeeke

A dinosaur robot in his hand and his gown on, that is Maarten Steinbuch during one of his children’s lectures. The professor at TU/e and entrepreneur likes to talk about the future of driving and the robots in healthcare and surgery. As one of our regular columnists, he also writes about it. He gave such a children’s lecture for the first time during the world championships of robot football in 2013 and he continued giving them. During the coming Dutch Technology Week three lectures will follow on June the 9th: in the morning at ASML, in collaboration with the M√°xima Medical Center (MMC) Veldhoven, at noon at the Automotive Campus in Helmond and at three o’clock again at ASML.

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