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Coen Claassen, Senior Designer at VanBerlo, and Martijn Baller, System Architect at VanBerlo, are visiting the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. In a daily diary they share their vision and their experiences at the world’s biggest gathering place of innovative products. Today part 3, by Martijn Baller.

On day two, we started with a visit to the CES Innovation Awards with winners in all kind of categories. It is very nice to see all these products together in a quick overview with a short description. Unfortunately, it was hard to see (and photograph) the products because they where placed on an illuminated surface.

VanBerlo CES 2017

The first hall we visited was focused on products for women and babies. Especially baby monitoring is a major topic, this is done with wifi camera’s, but also with bracelets and connected blankets. An interesting product was shown by Kaishi in which you could listen to the heart rate of your baby. In female consumer products focus is on beauty products, nail printers, skin and hair treatment tools and even light therapy against baldness.

CES 2017 – Day 2 from VanBerlo on Vimeo.

On the major hall of Tech West many different categories of products could be found. Home Automation, 3D printing, drones, wearables and health products, all together in one big hall. We will name just a few of the products we found interesting.

VanBerlo CES 2017There was a wearable product that could do several types of measurements. Its modular and interchangeable sensor could measure values such as lactose and glucose by using optics, that is without a needle and a drop of blood. The French company PKvitality built this next generation of trackers into a smartwatch to be able to check these levels on a regular basis. Wireless ear buds could be found everywhere, for some reason this type of product was present in many booths. It seems like drones are no longer interesting if they don’t have a camera. At the fair we did our very best to find ones without a camera, but they simply couldn’t be found. Activity trackers for dogs and other pets could be found on many places, they were shown by different brands than last year.

Eureka Park was also a lot of fun this year. Startups showed amazing new products in the form of simple 3D prints or already mass production ready products. Here we will share some of the highlights we encountered. Mechanical locks with fingerprint readers were presented by several startups, but we only found one startup that offered underwear that uses fabric with silver to shield your private parts from the electromagnetic waves… Robots could be found in many different forms, but new are toys with voice recognition by integration of Amazon’s Alexa. A startup from Israel showed a 3D printer that prints PCBs by extruding conductive and non conductive materials.

Top10countiures.CESstartupsIt was nice to see a bigger presence of Dutch startups on this year’s show. We made a chat with quite a few. What surprised us the most was the enormous amount of French startups this time. Online we found out we were not the only ones to draw this conclusion. The French flew over 180 startups to CES this year. The Netherlands came second with 24 and the rest of the countries had no more than 17 startups present.

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring on our last day of CES!

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