Tomorrow is Good: A crystal ball for COVID-19 or the (artificial) intelligence behind this pandemic

I dressed up to write this article. In a three-piece suit. I must admit, I’m still finding my way around when it comes to dealing with this situation. Keeping a normal routine is essential for me in order to be able to work. Normally I’d just wear a T-shirt and jeans,...

Not long now before we have mandatory face masks in Europe as well

It is the most normal thing in the world in Asian countries like Taiwan, South Korea, China and Hong Kong. Austria has followed suit, as has the Czech Republic. And now even Germany is considering making face masks compulsory in public spaces. Face masks in public...

COVID-19 Tracking App may become the European standard

All the while, the whole of Europe has one goal in mind: we want to return to normal life as soon as possible. A tool that can help with this is the so-called 'Tracking App'. It is already in use in China, Singapore, South Korea and Israel. Now European governments...

Start-up-of-the-day: cycling on a bicycle made of used plastic bottle caps

There wasn't any particular moment when it became clear to him. It was more of a growth process, that's how Johannes Alderse Baas explains the phenomenon. You slowly become aware that bicycles are actually being made to be ditched as soon as possible. So, why not...

European test of new corona medicine on 200 patients

Some 200 seriously ill corona patients in Austria, Germany and Denmark are being given a new drug. Its active substance is APN01. Previous tests with volunteers have shown that the drug is safe and that people tolerate it well. The practical test is being conducted by...

Climate Log: Think for yourself, act wisely

The climate is changing and we are all going to notice the consequences, all over the world. There are plenty of plans to prepare for this or even to reverse the process. But as an alderman for a...


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