New bio-ink for 3D bioprinting advances cell research

Bio-printing has brought new perspectives to cell research. So far, however, other 3D printing methods have fallen short of expectations. A special bio-ink has now been developed at TU Wien (Vienna)...

Why climate change affects water supplies

We assume that water is an unlimited resource every time we turn on the tap. But experts warn that climate change will affect our water supplies. Freshwater is one of the most endangered ecosystems...

Mobile braille keyboard available as open source

Bachelor student Johannes Střelka-Petz has designed a portable Braille keyboard for the blind and visually impaired. OSKAR, the prototype’s name, is an open source project. The blueprints and...

Start-up of the Day: How milk is made into fiber

Microbiologist and fashion designer Anke Domaske developed a textile fibre from cow’s milk. The milk fibre QMILK is ecologically and biologically degradable and exceptionally skin-friendly....

How Potatoes Can Defy Climate Change

Whether as boiled, salted or fried potatoes, processed to fries or as chips – we Germans like them: the potato. About 60 kilograms is the average per capita consumption per year in our...

Sustainable Sound: Domestic Wood for Guitar Building

The choice of wood for a guitar is not only a question of appearance, but also one of acoustics. For a long time, tropical wood, in particular the precious Rio rosewood or later Indian rosewood, for...

Risk gene influences the effect of aspirin

GUCY1A3 is the name of the risk gene that influences the anticoagulant effect of aspirin. This has now been established by scientists at the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK) and the...

Anti-lock Braking System for Pedelecs and E-bikes

With increasing use of pedelecs, the risk of accidents increases. According to the German Federal Office of Statistics, the curve showing the injuries and fatal accidents displays a steep rise....

Formula E Technology: From The Racetrack To The Road

In its first season (2014/15), Formula E had quite a modest start. All ten teams had identical cars, the Spark-Renault SRT_01 E from Spark Racing Technology, a company set up by Renault specifically...

ESO’s VLT Shows Bubbles of Brand New Stars

With the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), an international research team connected to the European Southern Observatory (ESO) has once...


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