Bright5 is a new collaboration in which five top sectors in Northern Limburg – mushrooms, blueberries, arboriculture, asparagus and strawberries – are working together on green innovation.

Central to the region, from Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, Bright5 brings together almost 250 entrepreneurs and creates crossovers within the five sectors in the field of research and innovations in green crop protection, vital soil, big data, vital plants, valorised residual flows and crop-related content.

The asparagus platform, blueberry platform, strawberry platform, arboricultural study club Horst aan de Maas and Mushroom Valley will enter into a mutual commitment for a multi-year innovation programme. The programme focuses on cultivation research within the themes of vital plants, vital soils, green chemistry and valorisation of residual flows. This innovation-oriented research is carried out from the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. The programme also seeks cooperation with education, government, research and entrepreneurs.

Although the sectors participating in Bright5 are different, there are many similarities in the field of innovation and research, say the initiators. By working together, the sectors expect to be able to take bigger steps faster.

Photo: the symposium at Brightlands Venlo where the collaboration was announced.

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