BrabantKennis has published a longread in which the needs for a durable future for Brabant is emphasized. In that publication the organization has calculated what is needed to meet demands on going towards a completely durable way to provide energy in Brabant. By 2050, 2.000 large windturbines and 15.000 hectare (little less than 30.000 acres) of solar-energy are needed. 

BrabantKennis, an independent platform which collects and shares informatie about Noord-Brabant, does say these number are an estimate, stating that they will probably change over the years, due to technological changes.

Regardless of that, BrabantKennis thinks Brabant will have to get a drastic make-over in the following years if it is to meet the 2050-goals of being a province that generates energy in a completely durable and clean way.

Therefore there will have to be a plan, that is broadly supported by Brabants people and business. According to the platform this is where Brabants greatest challenge lies. Read the complete longread here.

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