Best ICT education project to STORM and TU Eindhoven
Computable has appointed BitSensor as Startup of the Year. The Eindhoven-based company – located in the innovation lab of the Eindhoven University of Technology – won the Computable Awards on October 31. With the prize, a dream of founders Ruben Vreeland and Alex Dings comes true.

BitSensor received a Gerard and Anton Award from E52 last summer.


STORM wins ICT Education Prize

The prize for the best ICT Education project went to STORM, a collaboration of TU Eindhoven, NXP, KPN, TomTom, Itility, and Weather Company.

Bitsensor is an online security company that uses proprietary technology to track down hackers within fifty milliseconds. Normally this takes an average of nine months, but it can also happen that an attack remains completely unnoticed. Unlike other security software, Bitsensor’s software runs in the application, while others lie as it were around the application that needs to be secured. This enables Bitsensor to map out much better who and how someone is trying to penetrate.

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