Volker Joksch

Volker Joksch, freelance writer and corporate communications specialist. Lives in Munich.

Start-up of the day: Magnetic refrigeration set to cool the world

Current cooling systems in fridges, freezers, shop display counters and air conditioning, etc., are mainly based on gas compression technology. The coolant is pressed together with a compressor and is significantly warmer than the surrounding temperature. The excess heat is discharged into the...

E-car batteries as much as ten percent smaller

Valmet Automotive has introduced a battery management system (BMS) based on single-cell monitoring. It not only sends the individual cell data wirelessly to the BMS. It creates the data basis for the optimization of resource handling. It also creates the preconditions for smaller energy packs....

Solar cells are more efficient with micro-ceramics

Perovskite-coated solar cells are a promising new technology currently under development throughout the world. One of the advantages is the cost-effective manufacturing process: Perovskite solar cells may be produced without vacuum or high temperature processes that are required for conventional...

Prep for RoboCup 2019: instead of training sessions – scan images

Two multiplied by five machines on two legs running after one ball so that they can kick it into the opponents’ goal – that is robot football. Even detecting the ball is a challenge for these players. Tim Laue from the University of Bremen explains how deep learning plays an important...

Robo-Football: at long last something that humans are better at

They have three World Cup titles more than the German national football team, but when the Dutch B-Human team arrived in July, there was no crowds of people at Bremen airport. Robot football is not yet prime time on TV, even despite the fact that they are trendsetters in the field of programming...

E-mobility – as complicated as it is simple: just plug it in

Stefan Sahlmann is head of MAN Transport Solutions and advises cities on the roll-out of electric mobility. We asked him where the key obstacles lie for municipalities and why a truck manufacturer is helping cities. MAN advises cities on electromobility issues. Why? Cities are under...

Obsolete in the face of City Tolls and Driving Bans?

London, Stockholm or Milan already have it and many other cities are considering the introduction of a city toll. Plug-in hybrids with their combination of combustion engine and electric motor have proven themselves in a recent field test in the UK’s capital in terms of environmental protection....

e-Cars more efficient with better transmissions

“Until recently, vehicle manufacturers have had to choose between a high initial rate of acceleration and a higher top speed for electric propulsion systems,” says Bert Hellwig, head of E-Mobility at the ZF Group in Germany. With a 2-speed transmission, ZF is tackling these conflicting...

Waymo’s autonomous cars are allowed to drive in public

The Californian licensing authority CPUC has granted the Alphabet-daughter company permission to have vehicles controlled by the company’s own system driven on public roads. This makes Waymo the fourth supplier to receive such a permit, alongside Zoox, Autox and Pony.ai. By the way, Pony.ai...

Diesel driving bans: the return of the bus on the overhead contact line

Regardless of whether 40 or 50 micrograms of nitrogen oxide will be the limit, whether the driving bans for diesel vehicles come and how extensive they are, one thing seems quite clear at the moment: the future of local public transport will be electric. Electrically powered vehicles promise a...

Opportunities arise when computers reach 1,000 times higher speed

Volvo finds new, highly automated driving functions at low cost For the last decades, the computing power of chips has been doubling every 18 to 24 months. It’s the fundament of Moore’s Law, and up to now, it has never been proven wrong. Still, the debate about how long Moore’s...

On your own in the asphalt jungle

Most still drive in demarcated areas, in public transport only with a competent co-driver on board, although they generally manage well on their own. We are talking about highly automated shuttle buses or trucks that are constantly expanding their autonomy – function by function. 2getthere,...

Biodegradable plastic packaging – it’s time to also use it for food

Biodegradable plastics have been around for a long time, but have so far only been of limited use for food. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research in Würzburg want to change this with a new class of materials. Four questions to Sabine Amberg-Schwab, chemist and head of the...

Linde invests in London-based technology start-up for AI and Big Data

London-based Predina Tech Limited, emerged from Entrepreneur First, one of Europe’s leading deep tech accelerators, has successfully completed its seed round of venture funding and continues to grow and expand its business on a larger scale. With its pioneering Guardian 360 Suite, Predina predicts...

‘Mosquito spray’ as crop protection

Conventional crop protection products are – and should be – killers: Their purpose is to control pests as efficiently as possible and optimise crop yields. However, they also endanger bees and other useful insects. Biodiversity is at stake in the long term. A team from the Technical...

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