Stefan de Vries

Et voilà: French Tech steals the show at CES 2020

The Computer Entertainment Show (CES), the annual mecca for nerds and start-ups, is now behind us. French Tech has been heavily represented in Las Vegas in the past few years. Emmanuel Macron went there regularly when he was still Minister of Economy. This year there were about 300 French...

Strikes propel innovations in transport sector

Major public transport strikes in France have been bringing the country to a standstill for weeks now. Hundreds of thousands of French people have seen their Christmas holiday plans fall apart. People who depend on trains and subways and who don’t feel like walking have switched en masse to...

Liberté, Egalité, Innovation

“We don’t have oil, but we do have ideas” is an expression that French people often use. And there is something to that. Photography, cars, bicycles, cinema, calculators, airplanes, microchips, photographic phones: much of what makes our modern lifestyles possible, had their...

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