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The birth of IO-tv – We Are Live!

UPDATE april 2: Today, we repeat yesterday´s program, with an introduction of IOtv and the first digital edition of Drinks, Pitches & Demos! UPDATE: Our first show is over, and we already have a lot of areas for improvement we can work on. For example, halfway through the live stream to...

Dutch researchers find Corona virus antibody

A world premiere for Erasmus MC and Utrecht University. Researchers from the two universities have discovered an antibody against COVID-19. The scientific paper from the group of ten scientists is now ready for peer reviews from the leading professional journal Nature. The Rotterdam university...

Dutch data scientists can predict Corona infections per country

Data scientists from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, have succeeded in predicting the number of new coronavirus infections and deaths that will occur within the next few days. They do this by applying population growth models to worldwide data on COVID-19. For the four countries with the highest...

TNO and Amber to start up research into optimisation battery lifespan

Research organisation TNO and car-sharing platform Amber will start up a feasibility study together into the optimal use of electric cars. By collecting battery data from the Amber fleet, both parties want to find out if a fleet manager can organise the sharing schedule in such a way that battery...

Twelve challenges to attract foreign talents to Brainport Eindhoven

There will be a new version of the Tech Xperience Week, which was conceived in 2018. This time with more candidates (not ten but twenty), a stricter selection and several ‘challenges’. The goal, however, remains the same: to grow ambassadors who tell the story of Brainport Eindhoven...

Autonomous vehicles could reduce collisions by 22%

A study by TRL (The Future of Transport) considered the scenario of traditional and autonomous vehicles coexisting, and revealed that 22% of collisions could be avoided if we supposed that one of the vehicles was replaced by a level 4 automated vehicle. This type of vehicle is controlled for the...

Solliance reaches new records in efficiency in flexible solar cells

Just 9 months after the presentation of the first record-breaking flexible solar cell, USA based MiaSolé Hi-Tech Corp and Eindhoven based Solliance Solar Research established a new world record power conversion efficiency of 23% on a flexible solar cell. The solar cell combines two thin-film solar...

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