Pieter Hendrikse

Brabant administrative agreement: not much in store for Eindhoven

An administrative agreement has been signed with the provincial authorities: https://www.brabant.nl/politiek-en-bestuur/bestuursakkoord-2019-2023 Politicians pride themselves on the fact that in the coming years, Brabanders will be wandering into the next decade in cheerful, healthy and prosperous...

Expats are swarming around the ‘For Sale’ signs

It doesn’t seem to stop anywhere: now it’s the fourth house in my immediate vicinity that has been sold in the past six months. At first, I thought it might have been my fault that one after the other leaves, but I don’t make that much noise anyway. ‘By age’,...

Eindhoven, a city of (social) design, also after DDW

Pieter Hendrikse looks at Eindhoven “From De Hovenring”. He does so as a weekly columnist, both from his own expertise (education, social/cultural domain) and in a free role.   There is a gap between the innovation that buzzes through the city and the reality of many people...

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