Petra Wiesmayer

Petra Wiesmayer is a writer who has been in the business for well over 25 years. She has conducted hundreds of interviews in her career to-date with high-profile individuals and researched and written general entertainment and motorsports articles for numerous international media. As an avid science fiction fan she is fascinated by technology that could shape the future of mankind and enjoys reading and writing about it.

How dreams prepare us to face fears in real life

We fall, we are pursued and are unable to move, we want to scream. But no sound comes out, a loved one dies or suddenly disappears. These are scenarios that probably everyone has experienced in their dreams at some point. If nightmares recur more often than once a week, they are considered...

Researchers develop method to convert urine into clean electricity

At the Madrid Climate Conference, which is taking place right now, it is mainly about coming up with measures to combat climate change. One of the measures involves the transition to sustainable energy. The existing methods for generating energy contribute significantly to the acceleration of...

Start-up of The Day: ReVibe Energy generates power out of thin air

Generation of electricity without coal, wind, hydroelectricity, or nuclear power plants, wind turbines or solar cells, etc? – Without any harmful emissions? The Swedish start-up ReVibe Energy is doing just that. A self-charging battery that can be attached to any vibrating surface generates...

Bendable glass that is harder than steel

It’s a godsend for anyone who has a habit of putting their smartphone in the back pocket of their pants. Because plenty of glass screens break that way. It is possible, however, to manufacture glass that is bendable and even stronger than steel. You just have to use slightly different...

How harmful is microrubber to humans?

Microplastics is literally on everyone’s lips. Every person eats, drinks and breathes up to five grams of microplastics per week – and therefore basically eats a credit card. There’s not just a lot of microplastic in the air and in our drinking water. There is also another...

MATD: a hologram that you can feel and hear

Holograms are part of everyday life in science fiction films and series such as Star Trek. On Captain Picard’s ‘Enterprise’ or on the ‘USS Voyager’, there are complete ‘holodecks’ where you can create any environment and any hologram you want. You are even...

Pinpointing air pollution – from outer space

Nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) are emitted primarily during combustion processes which involve coal, oil, gas, wood, waste and engines. But they are also generated during industrial processes and in agriculture. Pinpointing pollution sources and then measuring substance emissions such as nitrogen...

Hiccups are key to a baby’s development

We all get the hiccups from time to time. Nevertheless, it is mainly babies who get the hiccups after they have drunk something. Parents try everything they can to stop the hiccups. If you enter the search term “hiccup babies” into Google, you’ll get almost 700,000 suggestions on...

One step closer to finding the cause of Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists have come one step closer to answering the question of what causes Alzheimer’s disease. Apparently, this involves changes in protein structures in the brain. Researchers at the University of Ulm have succeeded for the first time ever in isolating and studying these protein fibres...

Augmented Reality assists surgeons in the operating theater

Artificial intelligence is taking on more and more tasks in our modern world. For example, we use it every day when we use online search engines. Translation programs are unimaginable without AI, as are speech recognition, face recognition, computer games and, in the future, autonomous driving. In...

Research using 3D cell cultures instead of animal experiments

Just a few days ago, another scandal involving cruelty to animals in a Hamburg test laboratory hit the headlines. Not just animal welfare activists and animal lovers were shocked by images of dogs bleeding in cages and monkeys mounted on metal frames. Unfortunately the laboratory in Hamburg is by...

E-Racer accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds

Until just a few years ago, the roar of engines and the stench of petrol and burnt tires were the main attractions that lured thousands of fans to the world’s racetracks. Yet the omnipresent concern for environmental conservation is now becoming also increasingly more evident in motor...

Start-up of The Day: Hawa Dawa maps out air quality

In Arabic, hawa dawa means something like pure air. Which is precisely the issue that the Munich-based start-up Hawa Dawa is working on. The company has designed an AI-based system for mapping clean air in cities. By integrating all sources of air quality data (satellite data, weather data and...

Start-up of The Day: Revolutionary energy concept from Berlin

Charge electric cars cheaper and faster and have a cheaper power supply for your own home. All this without the need for large and cumbersome batteries, which are a major cost factor for cars too. Is that at all possible? Yes, it certainly is. With the “Battery-as-a-Service” concept,...

Study: 74 % of Germans would use an autonomous car

Parking, maintaining speed or braking, for some time all this and more has been achieved by modern cars without the need for a driver. However, a few more years will need to pass before vehicles will be able to move independently on roads. Despite the fact that autonomous driving is already being...

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