Peter de Kock

Dr. Peter de Kock is adept at combining data science with scenario planning to prevent crime and enhance safety. De Kock graduated as filmmaker from the Film Academy of the Amsterdam School of the Arts where he mastered the art of creating scenarios for feature films and documentaries. After receiving a master’s degree in Criminal Investigation at the Police Academy, he was offered a position within the Dutch National Police force where he served as acting head of several covert departments. Within this domain he was able to introduce (creative) scenarios to anticipate and investigate crime. In 2014 De Kock combined art, criminal investigation, and data science in his dissertation "Anticipating Criminal Behaviour" with which he earned his Doctorate at Tilburg University. De Kock is founder and director of Pandora Intelligence, an independent security company specialized in security risks. The company uses a scenario-based approach to discover narratives in unstructured data, which helps (non) governmental organisations to mitigate risks and enhance opportunities.

Tomorrow is Good: The Professor and the Politician

The professor and the politician sat at the table of a lunchroom in The Hague with cups of fresh mint tea. The politician had invited the professor to talk about the transparency of algorithms. He wanted to set strict rules for the use of algorithms by the government, with emphasis on the word...

Tomorrow is good: Watch out for the undercover assistant.

“Apple listens to sex via Siri” has been headlining the media a lot over the past week. So, Apple joins Google and Amazon, the illustrious list of companies that listen in on our lives and are learning from us. Just like an undercover agent passes on information to their client, the...

Tomorrow is good: Algorithms don’t discriminate

In recent weeks there has been a lot of attention in the news about the use of algorithms by the government to detect fraud and crime. Congratulations! I’d say we have a government that’s getting more efficient and moving with the times. It would be much more disturbing to learn that...

Tomorrow is good: Where Art and Science meet

It’s common practice that a column reflects the personal point of view of the writer. However, as a Canadian philosopher, Marshall McLuhan once stated, ‘A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding’. As this is my first contribution to Innovation...

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