Paul Smits

Solar panels that float whatever the weather and waves

How do floating solar panels work in practice and what are the consequences for the environment? What is the influence of waves and wind on this form of energy generation? A consortium recently started a study into this. It is a collaboration between TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied...

Citizens can help in search for black holes with LOFAR telescope

Do real space research from the comfort of your own home. Search for black holes. Because anyone can join the Lofar Radio Galaxy Zoo civilian science project. The one condition is that you have a computer with an internet connection. This has been announced by the Netherlands Institute for Radio...

Nanosensor for detecting cancer in blood

A nanosensor has been developed that can trace biomarkers for cancer in the blood that are difficult to detect. It is a scientific variant of ‘looking for a needle in a haystack’ whereby researchers from Twente and Wageningen have succeeded. The sensor can take measurements on a...

Legal specialist: New technology forces update of data privacy laws

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be evaluated this year. Yet it was originally drafted at a time when IoT, AI, smart sensors or cloud services were virtually non-existent. As in the past, the GDPR will likely not take the latest technological developments enough into...

3D tumor models for testing anti-cancer drugs

Three-dimensional imitation tumors can help to test anti-cancer drugs more accurately. The 3D models can mimic a micro-environment which encounters cancer cells present in the human body. The EU-funded project should ultimately lead to improved cancer treatment. The problem in developing drugs...

Start-up of the day: By tackling asbestos, Asbeter solves two problems

Kill two birds with one stone – to use a popular saying. That’s how the Rotterdam-based company Asbeter solves two problems at the same time. By tackling asbestos with the help of industrial waste acids. The asbestos is safely disposed of at an affordable price and in a circular...

Record amounts for German start-ups

German start-ups raised more money last year than ever before. This is a ray of hope following the realization that the German economy has seen the weakest growth in six years. The favourable news about the appeal of German start-ups to investors can be found in the start-up barometer published by...

Social robots can help children learn

Studying together with a social robot can help children learn. Researchers at the University of Twente (UT) discovered that primary school children are better able to explain what they are studying if they do that together with a robot. This is stated in the study ‘Now we’re talking:...

Start-up of the day: Semilla has a great future in recycled wastewater

Semilla is aiming to make use of sanitary wastewater. It attracts attention with the message that urine could even provide drinking water, mainly thanks to its presence at festivals with portable water sanitation units. But for the moment, it is focusing on rinse water for toilets or fertilizers...

Food waste as raw material for 3D printed bioplastics

Extracts of lemon and almond peels can be used for sustainably produced car parts and building components. This BARBARA project jointly funded by the European Union and industry ensures that food waste can be put to good use, replacing petroleum-based plastics with more environmentally friendly...

Start-up of the day: With OceanOps fewer shipping delays

OceanOps reduces delays in container transport. With a dynamic platform for route change, the brand-new company from Rotterdam enables forwarders and importers to keep their cargo under control and find the best route. The international start-up (British, Serbian and Russian) will soon be pitching...

Start-up of the day: Kindow guarantees smart use of sunlight

The Delft-based company Kindow guarantees smart management of sunlight and natural light in buildings which improves their indoor climate and conserves energy. In the belief that daylight is essential for a pleasant, healthy and productive work environment. Vertical blinds and roller blinds can...

Start-up of the day: the greening of the fuel-guzzling shipping industry

We4Sea helps ship charterers and ship owners to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of their ships. And they do this without needing to install sensors on board. This energy-intensive sector can reap substantial profits with the help of big data. Especially now that fuel costs are soaring....

Start-up of the day: NeoSound makes analysis of call center calls easier

NeoSound Intelligence makes it easier to monitor the quality of calls in call centers. Normally this is done by listening to recordings based on your own selection. This takes a lot of time and only a fraction of calls can be analyzed in this way. The Amsterdam start-up has developed technology...

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