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Author: Noor Boonen

Experiencing to ‘become data yourself’ in the Mirror Room

Eindhoven wants to become a smart society. But how does that work? What’s going on in a society like that? Are there any good examples to learn from? DATAstudio explores the transition a city has to go through to actually become such a smart society. Each week, we present a new contribution on E52. This week: the Data Mirror Room. Read all the articles here. Every day, you consciously and unconsciously expose data about yourself. This data can be made public unsolicitedly. And as if that idea isn’t scary enough, you can also experience it yourself in the We Are Data Mirror Room. There where, in contrast to reality, you get the chance to delete the data that is being collected about you personally. “You’re a little tense”, says a woman’s voice after she summed up your gender, age, height and weight. You’re standing alone in a dark square room of which the walls consist of large mirrors. There where for six minutes you’re bombarded with all sorts of images and sounds which can be heard far from the ‘container’, you are confronted with your fears.   “Je bent een beetje gespannen”, zegt een vrouwenstem nadat ze je geslacht, leeftijd, lengte en gewicht heeft opgesomd. Je staat alleen in een donkere vierkante kamer waarvan de muren bestaan uit grote spiegels. Daar waar je zes minuten lang wordt gebombardeerd met allerlei...

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Canadian delegation in Brainport

Seven technological companies from Alberta, Edmonton in Canada visited Brainport last week. They visited several companies and a number of program components of the Dutch Technology Week including TEDx and Sioux CCM Mechatronics Trophy. The goal of the visit was to look at possibilities of the exchange of technology, knowledge, networks and a possible cooperation.   Under the guidance of Henk ten Wolde and Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), the companies have had appointments at Food Tech Park Brainport, Frencken, High Tech Campus, Hapert Trailers, Life Tech Group, Philips, and VDL. Ten Wolde is economic advisor and trade commissioner in Alberta. “Brainport has a very clever design. They have the intelligence to produce efficiently and more effectively and also have a large network. This enables them to switch quickly with each other and that is something that I would like to link to companies from Alberta.” The seven companies participating in the mission from Edmonton are active in the manufacturing industry. There are, for instance, companies that handle the making of medical applications, have developed a device to purify the air and companies that make software for robots or drones. “They are looking for new techniques, experiences and the exchange of knowledge”, says Ten Wolde. “The past few days I was given the space to test my project and to share the knowledge about it. The openness they have...

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Expat Center hosts event for starters in the Netherlands

For the first time, the Holland Expat Center organises a meeting next Saturday, May 13th, about starting your own business. During ‘Starting a business in The Netherlands’, several speakers will be giving information about starting your own business or start-up.     This event arose from the demand of expats themselves. “A lot of expats come in here for more information about starting their own business. It takes a lot of work, so we have invited several speakers who can each give information within their own field”, says Marleen Strategier from the Holland Expat Center. Hans Litjens and Ad Scheepers from Chamber of Commerce will talk about what you have to do for your own business and how the Chamber of Commerce could help you with that. Victoria Martinez, Eindhoven’s City Startup Officer, will be giving information for and about start-ups and Jorrit van Dijk, account manager SMEs at the Rabobank Eindhoven-Veldhoven, will explain the financial aspects. “A lot of expats come in here for more information about starting their own business, that’s why we started organising this.”Marleen Strategier, Holland Expat Center South If the event turns out to be successful, it will return annually. “We’ll see how it goes, but we’d like to organise it every year. After Saturday we are also going to see if we can invite more or different speakers then.” ‘Starting a business in The Netherlands’...

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“Brabant companies must use big data in a better way

Eindhoven wants to become a smart society. But how is that going? What’s happening already? And what examples can we learn something from? The Datastudio is researching the transition that the city needs to make to become such a smart society. E52 features a new contribution every Friday. This week: Can companies deal with their data in a better way? Read all of the submissions here. Every company collects big data, either deliberately or not, but there is still too little being done, according to Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschapij (BOM) and BrabantKennis. In the March edition of the e-zine, it shows that a lot of companies are already out of the starting blocks, but the awareness should be there for everyone. But what steps should you take to make this switch? Not only companies, but citizens, should also learn to deal with data. The New Institute is therefore organizing a lecture and debate series entitled “A city as smart as its residents” If you want to deliver added value to your customers in the future, then you need to include an element such as datafication, according to Ruben Kolfschoten, Business Development Project Manager at BOM. But before you as a company immediately hire data scientists, you should first look at the possibilities. “Companies quickly start collecting data, but do you know why you’re doing that? Firstly, are you aware of...

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Open Data in Eindhoven is ‘Liberated’

Eindhoven wants to become a smart society. But how does that work? What’s going on in a society like that? Are there any good examples to learn from? DataStudio Eindhoven explores the transition a city has to go through to actually become such a smart society. Each week, we present a new contribution on E52. This week: The city is working on an inventory for public data. Read all the articles here.   “Incomplete datasets need to be completed and that takes up a lot of time.”Karen Hendriks, gemeente Eindhoven The municipality of Eindhoven has focused on smart use of data for years. To improve their own organisation and services, but also for others to get involved with it through the open data portal. After an inventory of almost a year the municipality of Eindhoven has collected 530 datasets, which have made clear which datasets are available for publication. “We have collected all available datasets in a big Excel file. We then simply provided them with a title and description. So now we have a clear file with what datasets we have already collected, whether these are complete or incomplete and which are possibly suitable for publication”, says data steward Karen Hendriks. Hendriks has been working on the project data inventory and classification since May 1st, 2016. Ever since she started she has been looking for datasets that have been kept track of among...

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Queen Máxima opens new HQ StudyPortals

The new headquarters of StudyPortals, on the top floors of the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S, was opened by Queen Máxima tonight. “A childhood dream has come true today. On the other hand, there are thousands of new dreams to fulfil. We are more than motivated to keep growing”, said Edwin van Rest, CEO of StudyPortals, during the official opening. “Years ago we could not have imagined that we would be growing so fast. We now work with 165 colleagues from 35 different countries to fulfil other dreams.” After Van Rest Professor Jo Ritzen of the University of Maastricht took the floor. “Internationalisationation is an important part of reducing stereotyping. By studying abroad, students build respect for each other’s cultures, it is important to encourage students to do so, and to accompany them in this adventure.”   “By meeting new people, one can experience the world in a different way. I wish every student could enjoy it.”Jane Nduta, Jane Nduta, an international student, was the final speaker. “I’m from Kenya, and I went to Porto, to get my masters. During my studies I met people with six different nationalities. I was able to travel the world and therefore I have experienced a different definition of culture. Culture is not so much about the language and the food. But empathy for the people, without thinking of the preconceptions we have about each other. By...

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