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Author: Merien ten Houten

Make way for the car, close Eindhoven center

All around the world, initiatives are arising to make cities smarter, more accessible and at the same time more sustainable. Eindhoven doesn’t seem to lead in this type of “Quality of Life” and that is the reason for E52 to dive into this topic in the run-up to the municipal elections of March 2018. What are the backgrounds, what is achievable, what is minimally necessary, where are the solutions? Today, Merien ten Houten – founder of E52 and Amber Mobility – shares his vision. Comments are welcome, both under this article and in separate contributions. Eindhoven, as a city, has a love-hate relationship with the car. It was entirely created as a car city in the 50s and 60s. With the Kennedylaan, like a sort of highway bringing you straight into the center. Modern. Because being ahead has always been the power of Eindhoven. The car isn’t gratifying But we’ve now found out that the car is not gratifying. Cars come with pollution and unsafety. They take up a lot of space. Motorists are also a special kind of people. People really change when they get behind the wheel. They think they have more rights, which makes the car even more dominant in the city. It’s time to really think differently about mobility in Eindhoven. To keep transport, safety and livability in order, choices need to be made. Choices that aren’t...

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First Gerard & Anton Awards for promising startups

Over the past 125 years Eindhoven has grown into the innovation hub it is today. It all started with a startup called Philips. Today Eindhoven is home to a diverse array of innovative companies, some startup, some mature, some huge, some small. This ecosystem gives Eindhoven its strength and agility. New startups with the ambition to be the next Philips or ASML are founded regularly here. From all over the world people come to Eindhoven because this is fertile ground for new innovative companies. We want to celebrate this entrepreneurial spirit. This is why E52 and the High Tech...

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Coming soon: The Top 10 Startups to Watch 2016

In recent months prime Minister Rutte, Bundeskanzler Merkel, Queen Maxima, Neelie Kroes, Prince Constantijn and many others visited High Tech Capital Eindhoven. Eindhoven is recognized as fertile ground for startups. We have many tech, design, service and other startups. But which ones are the most promising? Which startups do we need to keep an eye on in the future? A jury of experts has identified 10 startups from the Eindhoven region that surely make the headlines in the coming 12 months. It will be the third edition of the Top 10. Some former Top 10 startups are Sapiens, Manus VR...

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ASML to acquire HMI for €2.75 billion

ASML Holding NV intents to acquire Taiwanese company Hermes Microvision, Inc (HMI), a leading supplier of pattern verification systems used for advanced semiconductor devices. They have reached an agreement under which ASML will acquire all outstanding shares of HMI in a cash transaction valued at about TWD 100 billion, approximately EUR 2.75 billion at current exchange rates. The two companies are leaders in their respective fields and are already developing joint approaches that IC manufacturers can use to improve yields in the production of the most advanced microchips. The combination will allow ASML and HMI to further integrate and...

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Strong alliance to support Eindhoven hardware startups

A group of leading Dutch companies and public sector organizations have formed the Eindhoven Startup Alliance. The goal of this alliance is to support startup accelerator HighTechXL in its mission to create at least 20 high-growth hardware companies by the end of the decade. Mayor Rob van Gijzel announced the alliance today at the opening of the High Tech Capital event. The members of the alliance are ABN AMRO, ASML, BOM, Brainport Development, EY and HVG, gemeente Eindhoven, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, NTS Groep and Philips. They will support the incubation and acceleration programs of HighTechXL for the coming five years....

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The Eindhoven startup ecosystem [infographic]

This is the first part in a series about the Eindhoven startup ecosystem Eindhoven is known for its vibrant startup scene. Recognised by Forbes as one of the places in Europe where hub things are happening. e52 decided to map this hub that makes up the Eindhoven startup ecosystem. Having large and small companies working together amongst each other and with knowledge institutes and local gouvernement has long been the policy of the city counsel of Eindhoven. They call this the triple helix. This triple helix is really visible when you look at the companies and institutes that support...

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