Lucette Mascini

Corona crisis makes Edtech companies suddenly all the rage

Edtech companies are flat out at the moment. All over the world students are sitting at home because schools are closed owing to the risk of infection with the coronavirus. But in the meantime, kids still need to study. But how? That appeared to be the main question. The solution had already been...

Innovative start-ups in dire straits due to Corona crisis

Martijn Koerts, marketing manager of InnoEnergy in Eindhoven (an organisation that invests money from the European Commission and private financiers in innovative start-ups in the energy field) is on the phone a lot these days. Children’s voices sound in the background as Koerts is working...

Start-ups help children online with their homework

The Utrecht maker of study bots, the start-up Helpr, has begun cooperation with the ‘‘Studenten helpen scholieren’ (‘Students help students’) organisation. This was set up yesterday. The organisation will provide online tutoring to children who are at home due to the Corona virus...

Start-up of the day: Tinder for investors looking to invest via Fundsup

Fundsup connects investors and numerous entrepreneurs who own promising start-ups with each other via a digital platform. On this platform, start-ups can pitch their business and state how much capital they are looking for. Start-ups can pitch for free on the app. Private investors and investment...

Start-up of the day: Find your ideal place with Perfect Place

The Utrecht-based start-up Perfect Place creates environmental analyses for large-scale organizations. Such as real estate parties, but also healthcare institutions. They reveal the best places to relocate to via data that shows, among other things, how many general practitioners are or how many...

European Commission wants free data space to accelerate innovation

The European Commission is preparing legislation to provide a huge data set that can be accessed free of charge. This should make it easier for European companies, research institutes and governments to use this data and stimulate innovation. The new rules for this must be published in 2022. This...

Start-up of the day: DeltaScan measures brain waves to detect deliriums

The Utrecht start-up Prolira has developed a method, called the DeltaScan, which determines with 90% certainty within a minute and a half whether a patient is experiencing delirium. A tremendous leap forward for healthcare,” says co-founder and industrial designer Annemarie Willems of...

Start-up of the day: bioplastic candlesticks and planters from Evegreen

After driving past a mountain of discarded pots once used to plant hops for brewing beer during the economic crisis of 2014, Eva Štraser started her own company Evegreen which makes bioplastic plant pots. Since then, she has been brooding on a way to get rid of that waste and make better use of...

Law in the making: European Commission wants a list of ultra-risky AI

The European Commission wants to create a list for ultra-risky applications of AI (artificial intelligence). Such as those used in medical care or self-driving cars that must pass a safety inspection before they are allowed to enter the market. This is set out in the White Paper on artificial...

Start-up of the day: seaweed packaging from Spanish Futuralga

Marine biologists Sofía Tristancho Ruiz and Víctor Manuel Pérez Ignacio from Cadiz in Spain started their company Futuralga because they saw that seaweed was just rotting along the coast, while this can also be used as a biodegradable raw material for packaging of e.g. plants, vegetables and fruit...

Increasing CO2 emissions due to growing use of plastic

By the year 2050, plastic production will account for 15 to 20% of CO2 emissions, according to figures from EIT Climate KIC, a European institution that supports start-ups. If we do nothing about it, we will continue to encourage the petrochemical industry to keep using fossil fuels to produce the...

Signify: ‘More than double the demand for LiFi installation’

The number of project orders for the installation of systems that communicate data via LiFi is skyrocketing, according to Head of Business Development Ed Huibers of Eindhoven-based tech company Signify (formerly Philips Lighting). With LiFi, communication is via light instead of radio frequencies....

Start-up of the day: smart thermostats on heating units lower energy bills

The Arnhem-based company ThermoSmart has developed a smart thermostat that is connected to a software platform. This in turn analyses how energy consumers can use their heating systems such as boilers and heat pumps more efficiently. But who benefits from these savings? The energy supplier or the...

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