Lucette Mascini

In China and South Africa they talk about the ‘wonders of Eindhoven’

If you walk around the High Tech Campus of Eindhoven, you can sense the energy. So says Mayor John Jorritsma of Eindhoven. As a mere ‘alpha’, he felt like one of the few laypersons in the technology field present in the hall of High Tech Next, a free information day in Eindhoven. Or so...

EU Commissioner Vestager to present new AI law at the start of 2020

Over the next three months, European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager will draft a new European law for AI. As of December, she will be responsible for the digitization of the European market. She plans to present her new AI law in March. After that, the European Parliament and the governments and...

Self-driving cars will never be possible in Amsterdam city center

Anyone who thinks that the self-driving car is the future is wrong. At least when it comes to the chaotic mess in city centers like Amsterdam. These are so cluttered and unpredictable that it would be impossible for autonomous vehicles to anticipate traffic conditions. Which is what Carlo van de...

Hardt rules the hyperloop market with their lane switching technology

Optimism is putting a smile on the faces of Hardt’s founders in Delft. This week they announced that they had once again managed to attract major investors. Including the renowned Tukker, technician and investor from the very outset in As well as Kees Koolen, one of the original...

Operate using live, 3D image-guided navigation of the inner body

Philips in Best, the Netherlands, has completed a test of its new ‘Fiber Optic Real Shape’ (FORS) technology at the academic UMC hospital in Utrecht. So, there is no longer any reason to push a catheter through a vein or blood vessel needlessly (because otherwise it wasn’t...

Multi-million-euro injection for large-scale Hardt Hyperloop test track

An international business consortium led by the Dutch green energy conglomerate Koolen Industries has made a multi-million dollar investment in Hardt Hyperloop, which is to set up Europe’s first fully operational and emission-free Hyperloop test facility. This investment round is supported...

Europe wants the causes of biodiversity decline translated into politics

Butterflies, bees, flies – some of whose species we no longer see around anymore because they have become extinct as a result of extensive, densely asphalted areas in between green areas. Plant species that are disappearing, an ocean full of plastic which causes fish to die because they eat...

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