Koen Greven

In Spain, the sun doesn’t rise for nothing

Steven van den Heuvel is starting off 2020 full of energy. This should be the year when the company Vesqa will gain a serious foothold in Spain. What’s more, as a new innovative player, the company is set to break open the entrenched market of the energy companies. It’s not that simple...

Dutch water management in the Spanish veggie garden of Europe

In the countryside of Murcia, Spain, Dutch company Bejo has built two huge basins at the end of a dried up trail of devastating mud flows. Water is collected for use during dry periods on the rare days when the rain cascades down. Special plants and some algae-eating fish keep the water clean in a...

In Spain: A child, a book and a tree

Your life is complete once you have brought a child into the world, written a book and planted a tree. That’s apparently a good Spanish custom. My daughter Laura was born on 4 May 2003. Three years later Een Elftal Bondscoaches was published, followed by Verscheurd Catalonië last summer. And...

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