Hildegard Suntinger

Hildegard Suntinger is a writer. She lives in Vienna as a freelance journalist and writes about all aspects of fashion production. She is interested in new trends in design, technology, and business. She is particularly excited about discovering interdisciplinary tendencies and the blurring of boundaries between different disciplines. The key element is technology, which changes all areas of life and work.

COVID-19 Tracking App may become the European standard

All the while, the whole of Europe has one goal in mind: we want to return to normal life as soon as possible. A tool that can help with this is the so-called ‘Tracking App’. It is already in use in China, Singapore, South Korea and Israel. Now European governments also want to use the...

European test of new corona medicine on 200 patients

Some 200 seriously ill corona patients in Austria, Germany and Denmark are being given a new drug. Its active substance is APN01. Previous tests with volunteers have shown that the drug is safe and that people tolerate it well. The practical test is being conducted by the Viennese biotechnology...

Super-fast charging and clean proton battery one step closer

Researchers from Sweden’s Uppsala University have taken a big step forward towards the development of the proton battery: Their fully biological proton battery not only provides sustainable energy storage, but also offers numerous other advantages over conventional batteries. Conventional...

Universities in Austria are making test kits for Covid-19

The Austrian government has committed itself to testing in the fight against the corona virus. This calls for a vast number of test kits. For one, an antibody test for determining whether someone has already been infected. A quick test that was developed in New York is being made in Austria for...

How COVID-19 could change our approach to mobility

Governments are endeavouring to stem the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (corona virus) by reducing person-to-person contact. The resulting ban on social activities has largely relegated the economy to the home office. This is also reflected in rush hour traffic, that’s undergoing a dramatic...

How CO2 from atmospheric air is converted into a high-tech raw material

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany is building a globally unique experimental plant that converts CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the atmospheric air into a pure and industrially applicable carbon dioxide: carbon black. Global warming has to be limited to well below 2 degrees Celsius...

Start-up screens 2 billion substances for efficacy against COVID-19

The Austrian start-up Innophore will screen two billion potential active substances for Covid-19. This is the largest computer-based screening project in the world. Collaboration with Google and Harvard Medical School has made this possible. COVID-19 is spreading at breakneck speed. The search for...

Radio waves protect wooden cultural treasures from insects

Researchers from Leipzig in Germany have developed a method based on radio waves that enables them to protect wooden museum exhibits against harmful insects such as woodworm. It does not require any chemicals. This could significantly reduce the environmental impact of current treatments in museum...

Toolbox finds sustainable alternatives for heating and cooling buildings

Software Hotmaps Toolbox helps to find sustainable alternatives for heating and cooling homes and buildings. After all, about half of the energy consumption in Europe is attributable to heating and cooling systems houses and buildings. This is partly due to energy-intensive heating and cooling...

Another serious security vulnerability in computer processors discovered

An international research team has once again discovered a serious security vulnerability in computer processors: Load Value Injection. The vulnerability enables a new type of attack: Not only can sensitive data and keys be stolen, but also attacker data can be injected. Load Value Injection...

Promising drug treatment for Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2)

The ever-widening spread of the corona virus is dominating the news. It seems likely that a pandemic is inevitable. The world is in crisis. Yet history has taught us that it is precisely at these moments that humankind comes up with creative solutions, innovations and new insights. This week...

Exponential growth of E-buses in Western Europe

The number of electric buses in Western Europe is skyrocketing. In the past year, more E-buses were registered than between the years 2012 and 2018 combined. This was the outcome of a study by Chatrou CME Solutions. Almost 12% of the (city) buses registered in 2019 are powered electrically. In the...

Start-up of the Day: reha buddy helps rehab at home

Physical therapy following, for example, hip surgery is fine. But what does a patient do when he is back home? Physical therapists and doctors can now follow that with the help of the app reha buddy. Reha Buddy is designed to facilitate the rehabilitation process. The app of this Viennese start-up...

Why children in Germany shouldn’t ride their bikes to school

A primary school in Magdeburg made headlines in Germany this month because it had urged parents to stop first-graders from riding their bikes to school. The problem: so-called parent taxis are responsible for far too much unsafe traffic in front of the school. In The Netherlands, where there are...

New fight against infectious diseases can be done without antibiotics

Research into the cholera bacterium has yielded a new therapeutic approach that can be applied to almost all infectious diseases. New drugs developed on this basis can replace antibiotics. As a result, the natural microbiome in the intestine is spared. Cholera is a serious bacterial infectious...

My Esel – the fully customized wooden bicycle

Christoph Fraundorfer started having back problems from cycling and figured out that it was due to the geometry of his bicycle. As an architect and furniture designer he is accustomed to solving problems. So he developed a prototype – made of wood – and managed to mass produce...

Scientists map out consequences of cyber attacks

According to experts, the current crisis in the Middle East is not going to lead to a large-scale international war on land any time soon. But there is a chance that a new form of strategic attack could take place. A cyber attack. Modern Western society, especially in urban areas, has a vast...

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