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Author: Christian Curré

[Column] Christian Curré: It’s time for an Eindhoven Community Centre!

In 1929, Philips (both company and family) built the Philips Recreation Building (next to the stadium), which was converted in 1935 to become the Philips theatre; after yet another renovation in 1968 –  especially in the vernacular – it was always known as the POC, the Philips Relaxation Centre. Eindhoven was a company town, which certainly shows in the name of the Philips Jubileumhal (Jubilee Hall, 1951). This hall was built next to the POC for an exhibition to mark the 60th anniversary of Philips and was frequently used afterwards for various purposes such as sports events, Christmas choirs,...

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[Column] Brainport: take your expats seriously!

By Christian Curré Brainport as an umbrella term for the modern economy in Eindhoven region: Knowledge, Technology and Design, the self defined DNA of the city. First in the paean – even the Dutch government has recently reluctantly awarded its predicate and acknowledged its value – the much cherished expatriates are always acknowledged as the actual capital of progress. But is Eindhoven actually that open, smart and inspired with regard to expatriates as so often suggested? This week, we make a short series on the position of the expat in Eindhoven. Read all the published stories here.   Just...

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[Column] Christian Curré: If The Netherlands Ltd does not want Brainport, we’ll do it ourselves, and better too.

Now that is has become clear in the course of last week that the Dutch government will not immediately favour Brainport as the third axis of the triangle Seaport (Port of Rotterdam) and Airport (Schiphol Amsterdam Airport), I think the time has come to stop looking expectantly towards The Hague and start developing a solid initiative ourselves. By Christian Curré The southern part of The Netherlands has always had to do/arrange things slightly differently, because the Estates of Holland have always been the dominant and self-centred part of our nation. You could even argue that part of the story...

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[COLUMN] Christian Curré: Being smart requires memory

When my so-called smartphone once again offered an incomprehensible message box and I frustratedly kept pressing buttons in an attempt to arrive at the desired functionality, I suddenly experienced a déjà vu. Not only did I, after some thought, recall that I had had this message in a similar situation, the solution came to mind again as well when I took some time recalling how I managed to solve it that time. My telephone’s memory was full. And there is a logical connection between the working memory needed for the operating system, the device’s storage capacity (both internal and...

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