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Author: Bart Brouwers

Usono to extend operation to Poland and Germany

MDS Cardio will act as a local sales organization for Usono in Poland. The health tech company based at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven has also appointed a first ‘Usono Ambassador’: Professor Jaroslaw Kasprzak from Lodz. Usono is also continuing its international expansion elsewhere. The first customer in Germany was recruited: the Catholic Krankenhaus Hagen. Usono is also working with Mermaid Medical on sales in 9 countries in Europe. The ProbeFix – one of Usono’s main products – was recently acquired by the University Hospital in Oslo, Ulleväl, and Mermaid is in discussion with hospitals in Spain, Sweden, and...

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High Tech XL hackathon to recruit startups for CERN

A HighTechXL hackathon on 2 July is organized to find or create startups that can turn Geneva-based CERN technology into new companies. Brainport Eindhoven’s innovative ecosystem is chosen to help one of the world’s most advanced research centers. Nikhef – the Amsterdam based scientific organization that is connected to CERN – and HighTechXL want to not only recruit the startup teams but also mentor them in a four-month program in Eindhoven. At CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. They use the large and complex scientific instruments to...

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Climate Summit in Breda as a start for new action

Representatives of more than 80 governments, 100 civil society organisations, and 130 companies agreed on Monday at the Climate Summit South in Breda on a series of actions to combat climate change and use energy more intelligently. In total there were about 800 participants in the Breda FutureDome. There are already many sustainable initiatives in the south of the Netherlands. These initiatives came together at the Climate Summit South. The first quick wins were appointed in group sessions: – Magnify the schoolyards in your municipality. – Join the natural gas-free district. – Give building materials a second life. –...

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Eight Brainport startups to visit Computex/InnoVEX Taiwan

John Jorritsma is head of the delegation Eight startups and scale-ups from Brainport Eindhoven have today left for one of the largest technology and IT trade fairs in the world: the Computex/InnoVEX in Taiwan. Mayor of Eindhoven and chairman of the Brainport Foundation, John Jorritsma, leads the mission. In total there will be sixteen Dutch startups. Participants in the mission include Lightyear, which is working on the first fully solar-powered family car, Lifesense that develops underwear for women with incontinence problems, and Pillow’s Willow VR studios that won the GDC award with its VR game Spark of Life. In...

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Frans Huijbregts: “Selecting by talent, not by job”

One of the highlights of the Brainport Talent & Skills Agreement is the personal promise of the regional employers that all their employees will be able to develop themselves permanently. This is already the case for Frans Huijbregts, managing director of the Huijbregts Group. “As an employer, we no longer hire people for a specific job. We look at someone’s talents, whether someone fits our company and has the skills to learn.” More than two hundred organisations have signed the Talent & Skills Agreement in recent weeks. With this agreement, the business community, education, government and the social partners in Brainport Eindhoven commit themselves to the...

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A Warm Welcome at Innovation Origins

Innovation Origins: European news platform on innovations based on E52 Eindhoven fundament First branch office in Munich launched today E52 disappears, Innovation Origins (IO) appears. What remains the same: every day the most relevant stories about innovations and their inventors trying to solve the big problems of today and tomorrow. And about the business that lies behind it. What is changing: from a local platform (E52) focused on Brainport Eindhoven, a European network of local innovation sources is gradually being created. The first step in this direction is being taken today with the start of IO Munich, which will...

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Discovering and sharing the story of innovation

The mission of E52: to discover, report and share the story of innovation, including the business behind it With the extension of E52 to a European platform (or rather: a European network of local innovation platforms), the appearance and name of this site are also changing. On June 4, at the end of the opening meeting for Dutch Technology Week, we will reveal the details. In a short series, we want to offer you an explanation of the backgrounds, our plans and our motives. Today part 2, about our journalistic mission. It is certainly not so that the story of innovation has...

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Brainport promises to double number of Tech-graduates

Two new Technology Masters at Fontys In a 200-signature document, the Brainport region agreed to double the number of graduates in technology and IT by 2025. This is desperately needed because of the great shortage of technicians on the labour market. Brainport, because of the role of the high-tech manufacturing industry, is extra vulnerable in this area. Fontys chair and Brainport board member Nienke Meijer will officially present the agreements on Monday at the opening of Dutch Technology Week. For the signatories of the Brainport Talent & Skills Agreement, the agreement is a concrete follow-up to the Brainport National Action...

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