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Author: Bart van Vlokhoven

[COLUMN] The Expat: oil tankers and a Troskompas

E52 regularly reports about the life of expats in Eindhoven. Our columnist Bart Vlokhoven made the reverse route: himself an Eindhovenaar, he moved, together with his family, to Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2016. On a regular basis he keeps us informed of his life as an expat. Packing suitcases for the whole family prior to a three-week vacation to the Mediterranean always brings a certain tension in my family. Children and wife who continually come to gather more and more “things” that still need to be taken. Suitcases have to open and close time and time again. In...

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[COLUMN] ex-pat (the, m, v; plural: expats)

ex-pat (the, m, v; plural: expats)  1. someone living abroad temporarily for his work. An expatriate or abbreviated expat is someone who is temporarily staying in a country with a different culture than that which he grew up in. Of course, at the time of the European Football Championships I look somewhat envious to the fanaticism of some colleagues whose homeland is present in France, but all in all working amongst expats gives an extra dimension to my work environment. More than 14,000 employees with almost 100 different nationalities can be found at ASML. English is the language to communicate with colleagues from...

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